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Magic of love

I wish I had some chemical
that would do a miracle
I would then sprinkle
Let its magic twinkle
the magic of laaave (love)
the magic of laaave (love)

I wish we would sit together
watch the sun as it goes down
when the moon goes up bright
I see the stars light
the magic then rises
in the air around us
the magic of laaave(love)
the magic of laaave(love)

i wish by the seaside
you and I lay beside
see the waves kiss the shore
a magic never felt before
you then hold my hand
walking in the sand
and feeling the magic of laaave(love)
the magic of laaave(love)

After ages

picture perfect memories
we both remember
not a thing has changed
since ever
We parted ways
for the time wasn't ours
nothing was done or could be
cuz that just wasn't us
We were near
but the distance was farthest
and then we never saw
each other again
Things changed
maybe we two too
nevertheless the picture remained
nothing changed !
After years then we talk
of the days when we were young
"Do you remember?" you ask
"Nothing's forgotten" is what I say
We are unsure
if things are still same
cuz today again
we talk insane
After ages now we meet
wondering once more
if things have changed
maybe we haven't
but the circumstances sure have!