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Why I write

Things keep spinning in my head I seek for a way out here and there Words in my heart unsaid Feelings that look to portray in my say
Then I write For the tears that could not fall and the laughter that remained unshared the love that saw no growth and the pain that remained unhealed
I write for the smiles that are spread in air and the walks that went from a step to years the togetherness that were cherished and the sentiments that were felt
I write when my scream is to small to be heard when my joys are much to share  when loneliness becomes my companion and emptiness endure my world
letter by letter words are formed through all these phase they tend to come for during these rise and falls writing is what I do all


Slowly the grey clouds down they came heavy downpour then I see blocked the vision just infront of me the window that I used to see
a sudden light in a flash then blinding darkness engulfed the thunder no more seem to scare but my own shadow does
I shut the windows closed the door locked myself to the emptiness
I fell on the floor scattered and helpless to the arms of loneliness
the trampling sound the rain made sang a lullaby to me emptiness haunted me everytime for that was all I earned