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My heart and mind argues

3 am and I am wide awake
thoughts start whriling inside my head the silence of the time so high quietly killing me inside I take your picture in my hand and watch them as sleepless I stand try to feel the touch I miss hold them close to feel the kiss I close my eyes trying to sleep cuddle in with ur thoughts deep the pictures start playing in my eyes but my mind makes up noise "no, u are dreaming way too much girl, wake up dear and see the real world" "u are wishing for the impossible; "learn to hold before harder you fall" the noise gets louder and loudest as it could get but it could not change the love my heart had set "no no matter how hard it gets or the criticisms I will need to bear, my dreams are beautiful as I see it, for it is the beginning of divinity" happy and content my heart seemed a glow of joy ruled in in loudest of the noise my mind said I could hear the whispers my heart made at times I woke up with the nightmare of separation a dir…