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Happy New Year

With the beginning of new year I wish you shower of happiness that you forget what sadness is I wish you tonnes of smiles that you forget what tears is I wish you a circle of colorful friends that you forget what loneliness is I wish you sunshine of hope that you always be optimistic I wish you blooming success that failure overlook you I wish you lots of blessings that you could bring your dream come true I wish you enough strength that you could overcome every pain I wish you much of luck that you could reach to zenith I wish you a good heart that will love everyone I wish you much of inspirations that you could tackle every fear I stand by you this every time wishing you Happy New Year

the flight that never took off

a beautiful spring it was the day she was born when the breeze was filled with a warm fragrance and the smiling daisy bloom; a sweet cry cheered the atmosphere and smiles across faces "she is beautiful", they said as mother held her near soft as petals she was felt as tender as anything could be "oh how generous the god has been, nothing so wonderful I have seen"
spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons of bloom and wither the little fairy grew up a little everyday her wings so restless trying to free everyday but less did she know that her wings weren't real she was unaware of the facts the cruel world had saved
as beautiful as flower she was and as gentle as anything could be with all love and respect filled in her heart she tried to fly one day.
she opened her wings and flapped them together oh nothing so majestic anyone had seen she looked like an angel
but before she jumped off the height before her wings set her free a shout she heard from a distance "wait you ignorant piece of b…