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My Heart Wasn't Mine


You and I


the tipsy poem

up and down I see things now i have seen earlier but its different now hold me tight, so I don't fall wait ! u too standing upside down

u smile and make me drunk ur smile intoxicate than any drug u talk silly, u act one n u say i am drunk! u are so confused or crazy? oh oh I see u too are drunk

i am drunk U knw tht but u are laughing as if u are u smile and i go tipsy oh god is this a reverse action?

seems the night is drunk for I am writing like a big trunk the lines seems not to end woahhh!! more lines are to come

should i add up to the lines? or the drunken poem is to end? wait! u got to listen to it tonight the broken wheels still need to mend

u added to my bottle and you say you are fresh; come on this is not done the night is still long

lets talk abt me and u, lets share present and future too the car is broken and the streets are lone my poem is on and the bottle is full on

hey, thanks for the dinner date but wait, where's the dinner yet? you made me just drink, now lets dine at the brink

it was …

The story we live in

I know you have things to say You start and then just end I too have many things to say but I feel this it's just not right this way
I long to see you everyday I wait for the breaks I peek through the window at times hoping to see your face that shines
"I think...." you start and then stop because we both know it won't work Unsaid word gives us the joy which even the expressed words won't
It's just a smile that worth for us and few steps together we take In our dreams we soar above the sky but in reality we both know where we lie

In the darkness I rise

In the silence of the darkness, I rise
As the dawn ascends, I escape
I walk into the nights, 
put on my silvery sights

The trees, the rivers, the mountains I walk upon
the streets, the roofs where my rays fall on
coat themselves to my gloss
then the earth glisten in emboss

In the silence of the darkness, I rise
Slowly I creep into your window side
Sing a lullaby into your ears
As you lay awake in my light

Soon you fall for the deep sleep
But in the silence of the darkness I still rise

Photo Credit: MK Duwal

low feel but high hope

you are sad
you feel you stand at a zero
everything around is no good
their smile seem so sarcastic
the wise words look they lie
you hang down 
your esteem is to die 
you wait, wait and wait
but that's not the way
cuz all you need is a fight
against all this plight
for you have the right to be happy
and make things go right
its just a matter of time 
the things will then come other way round
being happy and proud
for who you are
then respect will surround
the only thing to learn
is not to lose
I am doing the same 
I hope you too

rise after fall

things go wrong they did go wrong but what matters, is the learn you wish you'd quit you wish you'd leave emptiness surrounds frustration befriends. but in all those wrongs there's one thing you earn a tune to hum or a song to never let go to never fall down for the rise after fall is the golden dawn


Looks like I've messed up turned everything upside down in the verge of giving happiness I think I just left you to frown
So I think I shall make a leave now let you free from every vow will slow down my life for a while and then shall see u smile
The pain has been too much for you to take, I see So hope my departure would  make feel you better at least
No I ain't gonna see you anymore no any lines of sadness again I shall disappear as I never was with all your miseries, all your pain
No I ain't gonna meet you I won't be with you, no more cuz your happiness that mattered I was the one to shatter
So I shall depart for now into a journey to unknown but then still a part of you I shall carry down

The wait

the empty streets the cold night a restless heart a worried mind
eve growing darker people hurrying home street lights on and I'm standing alone
chilled breeze blew a shiver shook me hungry eyes raised but I kept standing
stretched my eyes to the ends of the road strangers walked by but I don't see you

emptiness filled around
my heart raced
at every sound

by the pavement  below the lamp
for a while I then sat
nothing seemed known
even my shadow estranged
no one to accompany me
except the lonely time

time moved on  but I stood still waiting in the dark here for you to be 
I told you I'll wait
no matter how long
by heart I started
our love song

the song of promise
the words of faith
the verses of holding each other
no matter how long be the wait
"I'll always wait"

Just a little note

I thought I knew what it is called to be love I thought I knew how it felt to be in love But you made me feel more than I thought I got You brought in the sun which I missed the most you brought the freshness in the air I breathe a different way to love you made me see
Just a little note through these verse that you'll always be loved through all the heartaches that we have gone the love shall always remain, though togetherness will be gone.  We have been the best friends and the lovers, away from everyone between the hearts
Just a little note through these verse that my affection  will never be lost like the air we can't see forever there, I will be the pains that we've faced and the tears we have cried with every passing day, we've lived a new life
Just a little note through these verse how much I am blessed for to get you here though the togetherness was transitory but a dream we lived on
I thought I knew what it is to fall in love but then you taught me it is always to rise in love

Reply to the note


Your departure is what I fear Goodbye from you I don't want to hear It'll be the saddest word for me It's the painful thing that will ever be You have been deep engraved  into my heart, you know It'll be a real agony  to ever let you go 'cuz I found a dream in you A shaft in shadow like a guiding star like the after rain rainbow
Your departure is what I fear Goodbye from you I don't want to hear For someday you say it, I will cry it will be painful to hear from you goodbye as your golden footprints are imprinted so hard for someday you opt to bid farewell There will nothing remain I will be torn apart
Your departure is what I fear goodbye from you, I don't want to hear

Say, before it's too late

Change is what I saw everyday in everything and everywhere Time took me to such a phase which I thought I'd never face I've seen clouds alter their shape and hearts that do change As times moves I know nothing will remain the same, the bonds you have or the emotions attached or be a boy turn into an old man Nothing remains same forever be it summer or winter
Tomorrow never comes as said who knows what may happen next Say what you need to  before its too late At present, in the moment before the emotions change and regret for not saying what was needed to be said

First Kiss

A little hesitant they both were Shyness walled between them Through the streets as they walk They both could feel the same 
In the silence their hearts spoke They shared glances along The breeze that flowed that moment Whispered a love song 
He held her hand for the moment Their hearts then raced He pulled her close And she fell for the moment 
Holding her in his arms So close they were now The serenity and the ambiance Made them fall in love again
She looked into his eyes And so did he The warmth of eachother’s breath They both could feel
Before the seconds could pass The aloofness vanished A lifelong joy they found In their first kiss

The monsoon romance

Nothing special as they met first They were both at their worst But with the fist rain of the monsoon The affection bloomed Wrapped in the love cocoon They bonded like the night and the moon The rain gave them a gentle shove Inseparability was the only thought The evening rains that poured Under a single umbrella, the world they found The little monsoon romance that bloom Paved it way to their hearts soon Every drop of rain that fell Into their hearts it dwell   The season is now here to change But their monsoon romance will remain the same

The last letter

She tried to hold the heaviness in her with every word that she read, But before the stanzas end she could feel her eyes wet, It was short, it was sweet had all the memories bitter and sweet, the glory of love they lived but was the last letter she'll ever receive
She is so lucky that she knows for she was adored by him so cannot deny the truth he said neither can kill the affection she gave for every word he wrote with love made her fly like a free dove
Every word that he inscribed Every phrase that she read Whispered of the happy yesterday But a sad today
Words by words she read the letter it wrote "I broke up for your better" "Emotionless I may seem" "But what we shared is now just a dream"  She knew how much they loved each other but still they could not be together
They endured an ecstasy yesterday but a sorrowful today knowing that they have ended what they had they both are still helplessly in love though it would just be a pain to add
She held the letter close to her che…


I'm sorry that I couldn't be with you I'm sorry for all the rudeness I've been with you My promises aren't fake and all the words that I gave But there's something wrong I find myself bound by chains trying hard to break and fly away to your lane
I'm sorry for all the lie I've spoken to you I'm sorry for all the secrets I hid from you You've always been my strength and brought best in me But I apologize for not being by your side whenever you need me
I know I ought to be punished I feel guilty I have broken a beautiful heart with which I cannot part I am culprit of myself I apologize for everything Now I've nothing to say then I'm sorry for all the heartaches I gave

The string of love

I always think of you
For you are the reasons for my sun shine We are not together in yesterdays, todays or tomorrows  But in my dreams you are always mine!
As no matter the world tries Least they can interfere our dream lives Our heart shall forever be bound in a single string Of love and single being
You never let this string break! For that’s our hearts do make It will never go fragile as we live We shall brace it with the love we give
The string is tied tight with us at its end, When one looses the grip the other shall mend
I hope we both will keep our words To let the string attach to our heart, The memories of togetherness will always linger Even we are apart!
The string is attached to our heart That will break with the last heartbeat, No matter where we two shall end, In dreams we shall always meet
I am not perfect, neither are you This unnamed relationship which we have
 Is so pure and true; We shared the same boat of love Which we sailed in the ocean of happiness, Being aware of the situation t…

Memories that will cling on

Oh! How I wish to go back to the times To relive every moment when you were all mine When I held you close to my heart in my arms Thought would never let you go Keep you bound in my warms We were own in our lives Silence between us was so divine The glances that we shared had the spark I remember the benches we sat we made a mark 
Oh! How I cherish on those memories Will be years gone, but will still cling on I will not be sad for you will not be with me For you are there in my every cup of milk tea I reminisce the ol’ good days gone  Your memories leave me smiling with fond

Let this love survive

A time of confusion, a moment of confession Away from the rush of rest defending all those questions raised  we paved our way to the crest
Painted perfect picture in our hearts were unaware for someday we will part amongst the thorns we planted the rose smiled together and cried our woes Even compassion looks down upon us for vulnerability was our status
Now they turn blind to what we see are deaf to our heartbeats do not believe our plead  for they have stopped to dream! Created a line for us not to cross making us stand across Our love was hurt, but it was alive they tried to kill, but it survived
With the dying strength and faith we raised to have a say "Oh! Please let this love be, put on wings and set us free" " Oh! Please let this love survive, into the ocean of love let us dive"

Estranged lovers

We stand here today again at the same place where we were then But then as friendly strangers and now as estranged lovers
The virtual reality that we lived on knew the truth but we still acted unknown The illusory feelings were marked down so deep that we could barely hold on to the real feels
Heartaches now we can feel within like a deep cut of the razor but the pain we have sealed within will now just emerge in every dream
Compromise is what we now live on for the bitter time ticked so soon to make us forget every cherished moment and be like we were never known
Every night we now sleep with heavy heart as we know tomorrow we need a fresh start from the same point of time we initiated but then as friendly strangers and now as estranged lovers

Heavenly Blessing

The velvety rays of sun
slowly fell upon me
When I was lying awake from a dreadful dream I was nervous and was low when the warm rays quietly showed The warm rays glowed into my room all my fears fled away soon The rays gave me hope and faith inspired to initiate from where I left I knew it won’t stay forever because it did not belong here I was always in fear and prayed to make it stay here

By the warmth of the rays I learned to live my life in new ways The affection it showed made my heart leap high above Though the sun was at zenith its rays reached to the depth Into the inner core of my heart making me able to stand even in hard path We shared a bond of love and trust and an affinity that never rust

But slowly the day turned into gloomy twilight I had to say goodbye They could no more be with me and had to go where I can’t see But its love and friendship will be my strength in hardship In the long dark nights I no more will be scared Because the power of friendship is heavenly blessed

Life isn’t a bed of roses

 Life isn’t a bed of roses as true said

Problems arise every next step

We find ourselves lonely and helpless

surrounded by troubles

Feel that every moment the pain doubles

There are times about when we feel ignored

And deprived of happiness

No one’s around to care

And make the misery less

‘cause the one we love

are the one who hurt

May be it is the way

to show their love

but whatever it is

we have to move on

accept quietly whatever the fate has written

face the agony and move with a fake smile on

with dreams that are shattered and broken

a harsh truth everyday we face

life isn’t a bed of roses

Problems arise every next step