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Standing at your doorstep

I’m standing at your doorstep
About to knock the door
But something holds me back
And I turned, to return

It’s just a feeling I got
It’s just a crush I thought
The way you smiled at me
The way you were
The times we talked
The moment when we together walked
I got a feeling each second there
And the feeling made me feel better

Standing at your doorstep
I remember the moment
How the time seemed to vanish
Just at a blink

Standing at your doorstep
I go back to the moment that I left
The unfinished job
The unsaid words
And just an imagination
How life would be like
If together we had been
What if you opened the door
And I walked in

Standing at your doorstep
I want to make a confession
A confession of secret affection
A confession of hidden feelings
A confession of certain magnetism
A confession of everything
But before you open the door
I‘ll be going away

Standing at your doorstep
I feel my eyes wet
For not missing you
But for not loving you
The way you do

The unknocked knock


Your face still captivates my heart
Your voice still enchants me
I’m still thrilled at your sight
You still are an enigma for me
I find reasons to see you
I look for excuses to ignore too
Still I can’t look into your eyes
Still I feel I’m captured in those times
I remember those teary nights
The moment when my heart n mind fight
It reminded of those every word
Which I wrote
Still I get the spark in my eyes
Still my soul rise
Still my heart beats up high
When I see you walking by
I know the truth
I face the reality
I know there’s nothing in between
Still it is inescapable for me

Marriage Aggrement

“Where you going?” Mom stopped Neeta as she was about to leave for somewhere. “I have my tutions Mom”, Neeta replied and she simply went. “What’s going on with this girl? Neither she needs to talk nor listens anything. I am just fed up of her. Tonight I got to talk to her anyway”, Mom determines to have a talk with her. On her way Neeta’s mind are kept occupied by the things Mom talked to her the day before. They had a serious talk about Neeta’s marriage and she was opposing it. The day before “What did you think about the proposal that I had for you?” mom asked Neeta. “Which one mom?” Neeta tries to act innocent. “Did you see the photo? Do you have anything to ask about it?” mom kept on questioning her. “Maa I am not thinking about it at all and I don’t want to talk about it too. I have told you earlier I don’t want to get married now”, Neeta’s rejection was strong. “Who have asked you to get married now? I just want you to meet the boy. You two can be friends and know each other first. The…

Mobileka katha haru

preparing dinner
"put your mobile aside and concentrate on your's time for you to get married and you don't even know how to take care of kitchen and to cook" mom shouts
"i'm gonna take a maid in dowry or make my husband do the chores hehe" I answer
"yea for sure, he'll be there to do your stuffs ne hai. your mother-in-law will kick you out of the house" mom gets more angry. then i put my mobile aside and do my job.
This is what happens most of the time when I am in kitchen to prepare meals.

having dinner
beep-beep-beep my message tone
"can't you switch off your mobile just for a while till you have dinner" again mom says.
"Jus a minute maa, i'll reply it and then i will". with one hand i text message and with another a spoon of rice into my mouth.

cleaning up the kitchen
hey soul sister- phone rings
"a call again" mom says
"nah just a miss call", i smile and answer.
"everthing look…

First Blog

27th March

yes its today's date-my first blog ;)

everyone insisted me in creating a blog but I always had an excuse or other but today ah I just though to fulfill the requests of my friends. This is just a blog or lets say a space for me to write about myself, what I see around and what I feel. So basically its writing for self.

Nothing much to write. In case anyone of you reading my blog, I don't want you to get bored at my first blog (hehe)