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Then she blew

Tired from the hours of shopping, I went to a nearby coffee shop to have some coffee and also wait for my daughter who told will be there anytime by now. The coffee shop was crowded as it is one of the most popular in the city and most people are here either to take a break from their shopping at the mall like me or just gossiping about the current affairs. Anyways at the moment it was the best place for me to take a sip of coffee and relax before I go home and start work again. I ordered a coffee and few cookies and called my daughter who said would help me with shopping after her class. But she said that she would be late as her classes have been extended and would directly push home. There was no reason to stay longer but I had to finish my coffee.

“This place is really crowded, isn’t it?” I was looking out of the café’s window when a sweet voice suddenly startled me.
“Yea”, I answered with a smile as she sat opposite to me sharing the same table. The café was crowded so I didn’…

Just another story - II

More than her belongings, Nasla was packing up the memories of the times she spent with Manas. The long walks during the chilling nights and wonderful quiet times during the spring. It had been only few months she met him but she had lifelong memories to treasure. As she was stuffing her things, she found an old photo album beneath the piles of her clothes in her closet.
”How happy the faces seem here”, Nasla remembered the moments when the photos were taken. As she was flipping through the old pages of the album, she suddenly stopped at a page where she stood right beside a handsome young man. At once she closed the album and kept it aside.

The winter morning of Dharan was much colder than before. She put on her coat, gathered her luggage and left. She thought of giving Manas a call before leaving but she knew that she won’t be able to hold herself. She also had not informed him when and where she was leaving. She quietly went without bidding goodbye.

It was an early morning as…

Just another story - I

"I think I should go out more often with you. You really make me feel so happy and light", she said.
"Get married to me dear. I promise everyday of your life will be filled with happiness", he tried to convince her again.
"Now once more you talk about the marriage, and I am gone. It's the fifth time tonight that you have asked me to get married to you"
"And I know again your answer is going to be NO. But I guess I will still not stop asking you for it".

Manas never knew why Nasla rejected his proposal of getting married to him. They are in love for sure and Manas knows that Nasla loves him as much as he does but he never understood why she rejected the idea of getting together every time. He still remembers once Nasla told him that she wants to get married to him, but that time they had just started knowing each other and such proposal from her all of sudden startled him. Though he didn't said no, he was far away from the idea of marryin…