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The wait

the empty streets the cold night a restless heart a worried mind
eve growing darker people hurrying home street lights on and I'm standing alone
chilled breeze blew a shiver shook me hungry eyes raised but I kept standing
stretched my eyes to the ends of the road strangers walked by but I don't see you

emptiness filled around
my heart raced
at every sound

by the pavement  below the lamp
for a while I then sat
nothing seemed known
even my shadow estranged
no one to accompany me
except the lonely time

time moved on  but I stood still waiting in the dark here for you to be 
I told you I'll wait
no matter how long
by heart I started
our love song

the song of promise
the words of faith
the verses of holding each other
no matter how long be the wait
"I'll always wait"

Just a little note

I thought I knew what it is called to be love I thought I knew how it felt to be in love But you made me feel more than I thought I got You brought in the sun which I missed the most you brought the freshness in the air I breathe a different way to love you made me see
Just a little note through these verse that you'll always be loved through all the heartaches that we have gone the love shall always remain, though togetherness will be gone.  We have been the best friends and the lovers, away from everyone between the hearts
Just a little note through these verse that my affection  will never be lost like the air we can't see forever there, I will be the pains that we've faced and the tears we have cried with every passing day, we've lived a new life
Just a little note through these verse how much I am blessed for to get you here though the togetherness was transitory but a dream we lived on
I thought I knew what it is to fall in love but then you taught me it is always to rise in love

Reply to the note


Your departure is what I fear Goodbye from you I don't want to hear It'll be the saddest word for me It's the painful thing that will ever be You have been deep engraved  into my heart, you know It'll be a real agony  to ever let you go 'cuz I found a dream in you A shaft in shadow like a guiding star like the after rain rainbow
Your departure is what I fear Goodbye from you I don't want to hear For someday you say it, I will cry it will be painful to hear from you goodbye as your golden footprints are imprinted so hard for someday you opt to bid farewell There will nothing remain I will be torn apart
Your departure is what I fear goodbye from you, I don't want to hear

Say, before it's too late

Change is what I saw everyday in everything and everywhere Time took me to such a phase which I thought I'd never face I've seen clouds alter their shape and hearts that do change As times moves I know nothing will remain the same, the bonds you have or the emotions attached or be a boy turn into an old man Nothing remains same forever be it summer or winter
Tomorrow never comes as said who knows what may happen next Say what you need to  before its too late At present, in the moment before the emotions change and regret for not saying what was needed to be said

First Kiss

A little hesitant they both were Shyness walled between them Through the streets as they walk They both could feel the same 
In the silence their hearts spoke They shared glances along The breeze that flowed that moment Whispered a love song 
He held her hand for the moment Their hearts then raced He pulled her close And she fell for the moment 
Holding her in his arms So close they were now The serenity and the ambiance Made them fall in love again
She looked into his eyes And so did he The warmth of eachother’s breath They both could feel
Before the seconds could pass The aloofness vanished A lifelong joy they found In their first kiss