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one Saturday afternoon

it seemed a dream came true today
when I walked with you the way
you were standing so close
I was nervous as our shoulders touch

"are you okay?" you asked
"absolutely", I said I was
"you seem to be lost"
"Totally in you" I hushed

through the crowd and alleys
in the sun, under the shades
i was walking beside you
in the beautiful spring afternoon

you had to make an early leave
i wish to say "a li'l more time please"
you had to depart anyhow
my heart whispered "we have begun just now"

with different ones

You were standing there with her
Holding her hands with love
I was on the other side
Just watching you pass by

Your eyes looked at me
I tried to hide it
For I was with him
And he was holding me

I could read your eyes
And so could you
For they spoke what we don’t do

I could see you wanted to speak
Leave everything
And come to me
I too wanted to break free
From every bond that chained me

We were so desperate
Yet we were helpless
Just looked at each other
And the eyes spoke all

It is getting hard
for I am tired of hiding
In the silence
Defending our feelings
I am speechless
For whatever going is complicated
Or maybe this is insane
We cannot stand together
Under an umbrella during the rain

We still gaze at each other
With a faint ray of hope
But that too blown
When we walk away
With different ones

What if....?

What if it hurts too much What if the pain is beyond you can take What if you lose the path you are walking What if you find no way to head?
What if the sun set never rise What if there be grey clouds all the time What if the flowers refuse to bloom What if the days always gloom What if the rainbow looses its colour What if the stars forget to twinkle?
These questions are difficult to answer but what if they all become your fears and your tears don't stop running over What if the agony is above you can bear? At such time Everything you do becomes so wrong you don't find place to hide Your heart feels wounded You can actually feel it cry
What if it hurts too much What if the pain is beyond you can take What if you don't get even a glimpse of ecstasy What if your existence become nasty?