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I witnessed a murder

An early morning
I woke up and opened my window
for gush of fresh air
some whisper I accidentally hear
they were plotting something,
something bad to happen
then they walk towards her
she was still with fear
I saw with an object sharp
they ripped her apart
I hear no cry
but a lifeless her lying by
I could not forget the horror
as I witnessed a murder

Another day
I was walking past a site
ugly sounds I hear
I covered my both ears
as the noises I couldn’t bear
I walked towards the sound
saw horrible gears running around
rolling over her again and again
I see she was in pain
but she laid there quiet
I was really terrified
I could not forget the horror
as I witnessed a murder

This is what I see each day
every day murder and horrible says
she is quite for whatever done to her
she quietly bears all
she knows the consequence
and so do all
she is hurt and may be angry too
but she is waiting for me and you
to realize, to decide
else she will bring a disaster
that will engulf all of us.

Then no…

My grave

A pitch dark midnight
not a single sound I hear
Everything around seem so deserted
everything looks so dead
I concentrate hard to hear
I shut my eyes in fear
No sound, no light
I feel I’ve gone deaf and blind

Suddenly I hear some howls
Dogs crying and sound of owls
I feel a tight grip around my leg
As if someone is trying to pull me from my bed
I held my blanket tight
Then search around for a light
I feel a sudden pull
As if someone’s going to hit me
with a tool

I shout loud
And I yell
The fear I feel
I wanted to tell
I then realize
My voice is lost
No matter how much I try
It’s not heard

A sharp pinch on my neck
And then a quick shake
I moved my hands around
I sat to feel the ground
Oh! I was not in my bed
What I felt wasn’t my room’s carpet
Dried leaves and wet ground
Muddy smell all around
I was laid straight
Cold mud over me I felt
Covering my feet and reach my waist
A nasty smell now I felt
Someone had dug my grave
I tried to move
Tried to free myself
All was in vain
Failure was …

Big plastic bag girl

A big plastic bag filled with empty carton boxes. She was dragging the bag and also looking around if she would get some more boxes so that her bag would be full. She must be around five or six years old, same as my niece. And her plastic bag was twice her size. I was walking around New Road for some festival shopping when suddenly my eyes fell on her. She was wearing a worn out frock and had tied two ponytails. She was dragging the bag and also fooling around with her other mates. But I don’t know why I noticed her in particular. It's maybe because I have seen her quite few times earlier too, around the same place.

She was a beautiful child with big bright eyes and an innocent smile. Almost every evening I used to take a stroll and never missed seeing her. Dragging her big plastic bag and laughing in her typical giggling tone, she used to be there at around the same time. It’s now been months that I have been seeing her almost every day, but never dared to talk to her and get to…

My concern-better say our concern

With the rise in the level of mercury, the demand for water too is rising and at the same time the problem of water supply has been the topic of everyone’s discussion wherever they meet. And though the problem of water shortage persists every year, the problem is at an all time high around this time of the year (May-June).

Talking about my place, there is a very irregular supply of water. In fact, there is no water supply at all and we have to manage with few buckets of water borrowed from the neighborhood or by buying a tanker of water. But my concern is not the problem of having to fetch water from a distance or having to buy it, but my concern is, if the capital city faces such problem then what is the condition outside? Every year all the citizens have to face the same problem but the concerned authorities do not seem to pay any attention, and even if they do, they appear to be busy making plans and proposals rather than applying some practical solutions. The problem of water sup…