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Wandering around Thamel last the Friday evening, I and a friend of mine thought to stop for a cup of coffee and some pastries (I always have one sometimes two with coffee :D). We usually went to a bakery to the left at the entrance of the Mandala Street but we thought to taste at a new place this time. That evening Thamel was crowded (as usual) but the football match going between Nepal and Afghanistan made the crowd even bigger as people gathered in small groups outside various cafes to watch the match (people were desperately waiting for that game). But we were looking for a quieter space so went into this place (I forgot the name) and ordered two Café Latte. I asked if they had pastries, but unfortunately they didn’t (which was really bad news for me). Then they suggested us to have waffles. “Waffles?” I was confused, as I had never heard. Since they have offered it instead of pastry, I assumed it to be more or less like it. So we ordered for a waffle topped with vanilla ice-cream…

No reason

I had no reason why my glance turned into stare I had no reason how things turned this way I had no reason why I wandered around with you I had no reason why I blushed every time I saw you I had no reason why I stole moments to see you I had no reason why I shied away from you I had no reason why your absence made me sad I had no reason why your sight put on a smile I had no reason why I longed to see you I had no reason why I missed you I had no reason why I loved you I still don't have reason why

Then she blew

Tired from the hours of shopping, I went to a nearby coffee shop to have some coffee and also wait for my daughter who told will be there anytime by now. The coffee shop was crowded as it is one of the most popular in the city and most people are here either to take a break from their shopping at the mall like me or just gossiping about the current affairs. Anyways at the moment it was the best place for me to take a sip of coffee and relax before I go home and start work again. I ordered a coffee and few cookies and called my daughter who said would help me with shopping after her class. But she said that she would be late as her classes have been extended and would directly push home. There was no reason to stay longer but I had to finish my coffee.

“This place is really crowded, isn’t it?” I was looking out of the café’s window when a sweet voice suddenly startled me.
“Yea”, I answered with a smile as she sat opposite to me sharing the same table. The café was crowded so I didn’…

Just another story - II

More than her belongings, Nasla was packing up the memories of the times she spent with Manas. The long walks during the chilling nights and wonderful quiet times during the spring. It had been only few months she met him but she had lifelong memories to treasure. As she was stuffing her things, she found an old photo album beneath the piles of her clothes in her closet.
”How happy the faces seem here”, Nasla remembered the moments when the photos were taken. As she was flipping through the old pages of the album, she suddenly stopped at a page where she stood right beside a handsome young man. At once she closed the album and kept it aside.

The winter morning of Dharan was much colder than before. She put on her coat, gathered her luggage and left. She thought of giving Manas a call before leaving but she knew that she won’t be able to hold herself. She also had not informed him when and where she was leaving. She quietly went without bidding goodbye.

It was an early morning as…

Just another story - I

"I think I should go out more often with you. You really make me feel so happy and light", she said.
"Get married to me dear. I promise everyday of your life will be filled with happiness", he tried to convince her again.
"Now once more you talk about the marriage, and I am gone. It's the fifth time tonight that you have asked me to get married to you"
"And I know again your answer is going to be NO. But I guess I will still not stop asking you for it".

Manas never knew why Nasla rejected his proposal of getting married to him. They are in love for sure and Manas knows that Nasla loves him as much as he does but he never understood why she rejected the idea of getting together every time. He still remembers once Nasla told him that she wants to get married to him, but that time they had just started knowing each other and such proposal from her all of sudden startled him. Though he didn't said no, he was far away from the idea of marryin…

After you left

You asked "let's meet up"
I said "no, no I cannot"
"I am leaving another day"
"All the best", I said

You left with no words said
No reply that I too gave
All I was with the memories
The times that we cherished

I know I should have met you
I know I should have bid you farewell
but I didn't know if I could
If I could see you go

Time went on
I thought I have forgotten
I thought no more feeling
I thought to be lorn

But I didn't know
that you were always there
subconsciously going in me here
Now I feel
May be I'll never get over
over you dear

A day with her

Then she gently rested her chin on my shoulder. I could feel her touch deep into my heart and my heart beating faster. The evening breeze was lovelier than ever before, and with her sitting right behind me in my bike; I felt I was riding to an endless journey. The crescent moon hiding behind the blurry faint clouds made it shine with much glow. Through the busiest and narrow streets of Kathmandu, I was riding and wishing the lane would never end. Her soft hands were tenderly holding sides of my windcheater as a child clinging onto someone for protection. Slowly the twilight rose to its high and the horizon appeared too near for me.

It was an ordinary evening as always, and the traffic of the busy capital heavy as usual, but her presence made everything light. I stole time to have a quick look at her in the bike mirror every time I could. Her beautiful flowing hair was soaring high in the air tapping with the rhythm of her chiffon scarf that she had tied around her neck. I wished I co…

You in me

Life seems to take me high
I feel so free
My heart opens a smile
My soul feels alive
The sun will not be the reason
It's you in me

Neither the blood through my veins
Nor the air that I breathe in
Not my heartbeat that keeps me alive
But it's you in me

Miles and miles away you be
Days and nights longer it remain
Thorny be the times, I'll survive
For there's you in me

There is something

A beautiful joy is what keeps me engaged
I wonder what in you made me captivated

Is it your eyes or the way you look at me
Is it just a rush or something meant to be
Is it your smile or the way you talk
There’s something that has kept me caught

Is it the wonders I find in you
Or the desperation I see in you
May be a little mystery in your attitude
Or the gentleness I feel in you
There is something that forever entices
A warm feel in you always magnetizes

Coming home soon

Under the sky, I see tonight The little star twinkling so bright With the warmth of the half bright moon I see u coming home soon
Days long gone I remember every song Every rhythm that u played Every tune u hummed
The spring flower that bloomed Smiled the happiness The rainy days of June Reminisced every word u said
Tonight the sky is clear Tonight I feel my heart beat higher With the swift of the breeze Every sadness now cease I smile with the half moon I see you coming home soon

may be you have left behind

may be you have left behind the memories of that time when you held me so near and the aloofness vanished when you whispered to me and the darkness fled when only you and me and no one were seen when you held my hand and I felt you were mine when you kissed me and i was on cloud nine
your words still echo in me the touch can yet be felt when you held my hand and I shyly backed them the time when you looked at me when I saw spark in them I have kept everything alive but maybe you have left behind

Lost her Doll

By the warm rays of the summer sun she was slowly learning to live her life. The chilling autumn breeze was no more and as the season is more glorious and the worn trees are regaining its charm she wishes the hurricane she is caught in also slows down. But it was her who was holding those disastrous memories and not letting it go. The weather was beautiful, the bright day and cool breeze. She felt like to relish the éclat of the day. She closed her eyes to feel the sun and breathe in the freshness of the air. When she opened her eyes her vision was blurred. Her eyes were full of tears and she was crying.

Sabrina was only six years old when her father gently handled her living doll-a tiny being who has just stepped into the world-her sister. She felt her as soft as silk and as light as feather. She still remembers how the baby held her finger by her tiny palm the first time she held her. She was nervous at the same time the happiest person at the moment. Her sister was her best friend …

one Saturday afternoon

it seemed a dream came true today
when I walked with you the way
you were standing so close
I was nervous as our shoulders touch

"are you okay?" you asked
"absolutely", I said I was
"you seem to be lost"
"Totally in you" I hushed

through the crowd and alleys
in the sun, under the shades
i was walking beside you
in the beautiful spring afternoon

you had to make an early leave
i wish to say "a li'l more time please"
you had to depart anyhow
my heart whispered "we have begun just now"

with different ones

You were standing there with her
Holding her hands with love
I was on the other side
Just watching you pass by

Your eyes looked at me
I tried to hide it
For I was with him
And he was holding me

I could read your eyes
And so could you
For they spoke what we don’t do

I could see you wanted to speak
Leave everything
And come to me
I too wanted to break free
From every bond that chained me

We were so desperate
Yet we were helpless
Just looked at each other
And the eyes spoke all

It is getting hard
for I am tired of hiding
In the silence
Defending our feelings
I am speechless
For whatever going is complicated
Or maybe this is insane
We cannot stand together
Under an umbrella during the rain

We still gaze at each other
With a faint ray of hope
But that too blown
When we walk away
With different ones

What if....?

What if it hurts too much What if the pain is beyond you can take What if you lose the path you are walking What if you find no way to head?
What if the sun set never rise What if there be grey clouds all the time What if the flowers refuse to bloom What if the days always gloom What if the rainbow looses its colour What if the stars forget to twinkle?
These questions are difficult to answer but what if they all become your fears and your tears don't stop running over What if the agony is above you can bear? At such time Everything you do becomes so wrong you don't find place to hide Your heart feels wounded You can actually feel it cry
What if it hurts too much What if the pain is beyond you can take What if you don't get even a glimpse of ecstasy What if your existence become nasty?

Standing at your doorstep

I’m standing at your doorstep
About to knock the door
But something holds me back
And I turned, to return

It’s just a feeling I got
It’s just a crush I thought
The way you smiled at me
The way you were
The times we talked
The moment when we together walked
I got a feeling each second there
And the feeling made me feel better

Standing at your doorstep
I remember the moment
How the time seemed to vanish
Just at a blink

Standing at your doorstep
I go back to the moment that I left
The unfinished job
The unsaid words
And just an imagination
How life would be like
If together we had been
What if you opened the door
And I walked in

Standing at your doorstep
I want to make a confession
A confession of secret affection
A confession of hidden feelings
A confession of certain magnetism
A confession of everything
But before you open the door
I‘ll be going away

Standing at your doorstep
I feel my eyes wet
For not missing you
But for not loving you
The way you do

The unknocked knock


Your face still captivates my heart
Your voice still enchants me
I’m still thrilled at your sight
You still are an enigma for me
I find reasons to see you
I look for excuses to ignore too
Still I can’t look into your eyes
Still I feel I’m captured in those times
I remember those teary nights
The moment when my heart n mind fight
It reminded of those every word
Which I wrote
Still I get the spark in my eyes
Still my soul rise
Still my heart beats up high
When I see you walking by
I know the truth
I face the reality
I know there’s nothing in between
Still it is inescapable for me

Marriage Aggrement

“Where you going?” Mom stopped Neeta as she was about to leave for somewhere. “I have my tutions Mom”, Neeta replied and she simply went. “What’s going on with this girl? Neither she needs to talk nor listens anything. I am just fed up of her. Tonight I got to talk to her anyway”, Mom determines to have a talk with her. On her way Neeta’s mind are kept occupied by the things Mom talked to her the day before. They had a serious talk about Neeta’s marriage and she was opposing it. The day before “What did you think about the proposal that I had for you?” mom asked Neeta. “Which one mom?” Neeta tries to act innocent. “Did you see the photo? Do you have anything to ask about it?” mom kept on questioning her. “Maa I am not thinking about it at all and I don’t want to talk about it too. I have told you earlier I don’t want to get married now”, Neeta’s rejection was strong. “Who have asked you to get married now? I just want you to meet the boy. You two can be friends and know each other first. The…

Mobileka katha haru

preparing dinner
"put your mobile aside and concentrate on your's time for you to get married and you don't even know how to take care of kitchen and to cook" mom shouts
"i'm gonna take a maid in dowry or make my husband do the chores hehe" I answer
"yea for sure, he'll be there to do your stuffs ne hai. your mother-in-law will kick you out of the house" mom gets more angry. then i put my mobile aside and do my job.
This is what happens most of the time when I am in kitchen to prepare meals.

having dinner
beep-beep-beep my message tone
"can't you switch off your mobile just for a while till you have dinner" again mom says.
"Jus a minute maa, i'll reply it and then i will". with one hand i text message and with another a spoon of rice into my mouth.

cleaning up the kitchen
hey soul sister- phone rings
"a call again" mom says
"nah just a miss call", i smile and answer.
"everthing look…

First Blog

27th March

yes its today's date-my first blog ;)

everyone insisted me in creating a blog but I always had an excuse or other but today ah I just though to fulfill the requests of my friends. This is just a blog or lets say a space for me to write about myself, what I see around and what I feel. So basically its writing for self.

Nothing much to write. In case anyone of you reading my blog, I don't want you to get bored at my first blog (hehe)