with different ones

You were standing there with her
Holding her hands with love
I was on the other side
Just watching you pass by

Your eyes looked at me
I tried to hide it
For I was with him
And he was holding me

I could read your eyes
And so could you
For they spoke what we don’t do

I could see you wanted to speak
Leave everything
And come to me
I too wanted to break free
From every bond that chained me

We were so desperate
Yet we were helpless
Just looked at each other
And the eyes spoke all

It is getting hard
for I am tired of hiding
In the silence
Defending our feelings
I am speechless
For whatever going is complicated
Or maybe this is insane
We cannot stand together
Under an umbrella during the rain

We still gaze at each other
With a faint ray of hope
But that too blown
When we walk away
With different ones


  1. it ws the day that i couldnt forget u nor u could forget me i ws still waitin for u back side the door to hold u care u but............

  2. aafai lai vako ki aru ko dekheko suneko ta thaha vayena j hos tyo awkward situatio lai chahi superbly describe gareki 6au...dherai lai thyakai mil6 hola i guess re k ;-) hats off to dis

  3. m trying imagining this situation shani...

  4. I like the writing, it is really emotive. I kind of feel sorry for the clueless people that you are both with but don't love.

    I also wanted to say that you have a great banner.

  5. @ums : ah! to be true I had a dream and I wrote it hehe
    @amanda: thank you....and the credit for such a nice banner goes to a very good fren of mine :)


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