Just another story - I

"I think I should go out more often with you. You really make me feel so happy and light", she said.
"Get married to me dear. I promise everyday of your life will be filled with happiness", he tried to convince her again.
"Now once more you talk about the marriage, and I am gone. It's the fifth time tonight that you have asked me to get married to you"
"And I know again your answer is going to be NO. But I guess I will still not stop asking you for it".

Manas never knew why Nasla rejected his proposal of getting married to him. They are in love for sure and Manas knows that Nasla loves him as much as he does but he never understood why she rejected the idea of getting together every time. He still remembers once Nasla told him that she wants to get married to him, but that time they had just started knowing each other and such proposal from her all of sudden startled him. Though he didn't said no, he was far away from the idea of marrying her then. But he never thought that sometime later he would fall for her.

"You make me smile for no reasons whatsoever, you make me laugh at the unfunny things, but most of all you make me love you when I shouldn't be loving you" he received text from Nasla that night after the dinner. I should not be loving you, what does she mean by this”, Manas was confused. He dialed her number. The ring went on but she did not receive the call.

Next day they met again.
“Do you regret loving me?” Manas asked Nasla all of sudden.
“Regret !!! Why you asking so? Falling in love with you was something good that have ever happened to me.” She replied.
“Then why did you say you were not supposed to love me?”
“I felt I don’t deserve you. You deserve much better person than me”
“Better persons are for better ones, so you are for me.”
“Please stop Manas, I know I can’t be with you. It is hopeless to show you any hope”.
“Yes stop Nasla, stop behaving so. Stop caring for me and showing that you love me. Stop calling me or texting me. Stop meeting me. Let me live my life then”, Manas was upset and just shouted at her.
“I am sorry”, Nasla quietly left.

That night neither Nasla nor Manas could sleep. Both wanted to talk to each other, but both avoided it. The dialed each other’s number but cancelled it before calling.

Both didn’t talk to each other the next day. Nasla had a heavy heart and so did Manas. Finally that night Nasla called Manas but he didn’t receive the call. Tears flowed from her eyes. She loves Manas but she knows that she cannot be with him. Just then when she was feeling hurt there was a click in her mobile.
“Hey I am having dinner. Will call you in a while”.
Nasla’s happiness seemed no bound, this time tears of happiness continued flowing.

Just then her phone rang. “Hello”, Nasla responded in a cracking voice.
“Are you crying?” Manas was worried.
“No”, she just kept her phone away and cried for a while. She then gathered her breath and then “so had your dinner?”
“Yea. And why were you crying?”
“Nothing I was just not feeling good”.
“Why so?”
“Cuz you didn’t talk to me the whole day.”
“yea I am so sorry, yea I know I should not have behaved that way”, Manas regretted.
Nasla could not hold back and totally broke down. “I am sorry Manas, I know I have always hurt you but please try to understand, I cannot be with you. But still I love you.”
“Hey don’t cry dear. Take rest. I will meet you tomorrow and shall talk.”
“Goodnight Manas”
“Goodnight Nasla”

I am sorry I could not talk to you properly. Just could not hold it.
I cannot be with you but cannot be without you either.”

Nasla sent sms to him right after hanging on the phone.

“I am sorry for being rude the other day. I am there for you
either you with me or not with me. Take care.”

Manas replied.

This was a strange love story between Manas and Nasla. They both loved each other but could not be together. Nasla never revealed the reason being her rejection and Manas no more asked her. He respects her decision and Nasla respects him for that.

“I am going away Manas”
“Away from this city. This city is making me more selfish and if I stay here more I know you will never move on with your life. You need to spend some time with other girl and focus. I can’t keep you fooling around like this.”
“No, you aren’t going anywhere Nasla, I need you.”
“I know Manas, but I have to. I am always there for you though you need me or not.”
“But why you have to go away. See I am learning to move on.”
“I know but still I have to do this. I need to be sometime alone. Sometime on my own.”
“Please don’t do that Nasla, this is a request from a heart that loves you so much. I beg you”
“Don’t say so and make me go weak Manas. I have decided,” Nasla turned her eyes away from him. She could not hide the tears and was scared that he will see them.
“But where will you go, what will you do, where will you stay? Why you taking such decision?” there were thousands of questions spinning inside his head but he could ask only few.

“It’s nothing serious. I know you will respect my decision and support me.”
“yea you always take advantage of this. I will not ask you why you going and where but promise me that you will be in touch.”
“Yea I will.”

The heavy heart now no more could hold on. Nasla hugged Manas and cried.
“I love you Manas. Thank you for being with me. I wish for a good life of yours.”
“I love you too Nasla, Take care”

.......................to be continued


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