The wait

the empty streets
the cold night
a restless heart
a worried mind

eve growing darker
people hurrying home
street lights on
and I'm standing alone

chilled breeze blew
a shiver shook me
hungry eyes raised
but I kept standing

stretched my eyes
to the ends of the road
strangers walked by
but I don't see you

emptiness filled around
my heart raced
at every sound

by the pavement 
below the lamp
for a while I then sat
nothing seemed known
even my shadow estranged
no one to accompany me
except the lonely time

time moved on 
but I stood still
waiting in the dark
here for you to be 

I told you I'll wait
no matter how long
by heart I started
our love song

the song of promise
the words of faith
the verses of holding each other
no matter how long be the wait
"I'll always wait"


  1. TBH, I really didn't like reading this! I am never gonna read this again! every words of this poem hits harder than a stone!


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