the flight that never took off

a beautiful spring it was
the day she was born
when the breeze was filled with a warm fragrance
and the smiling daisy bloom;
a sweet cry cheered the atmosphere
and smiles across faces
"she is beautiful", they said
as mother held her near
soft as petals she was felt
as tender as anything could be
"oh how generous the god has been,
nothing so wonderful I have seen"

spring, summer, autumn and winter
seasons of bloom and wither
the little fairy grew up a little everyday
her wings so restless trying to free everyday
but less did she know
that her wings weren't real
she was unaware of the facts
the cruel world had saved

as beautiful as flower she was
and as gentle as anything could be
with all love and respect filled in her heart
she tried to fly one day.

she opened her wings
and flapped them together
oh nothing so majestic anyone had seen
she looked like an angel

but before she jumped off the height
before her wings set her free
a shout she heard from a distance
"wait you ignorant piece of being,
trying to fly away is a sin.
weren't you aware that the sky isn't for you
take care of your wings
before both of them are broken into two"

she flapped back her wings
and quietly backed from the scene
but in the silence of the night
when the city was asleep
she slowly crept out of her dome
spread her wings and flew as far as Rome
but before the sun woke up the city
she was back to her room.

this went on for days and some
the practice of her flight was known by none
her wings grew beautiful everyday
and her desire to fly was stronger as she say

"this girl is going out of the way" they said
"it’s time now to cut off them away,
else she will bring bad star for us;
as girls aren't allowed to fly at all"

one day they caught her practicing her flight
dragged her through the city that night
"girl you disregarded the rule we set
for girls aren't allowed with freedom to get
you disrespect the holy say
now be prepared for the trial we set"

"not just the trial but punishment now announce
for the rule breaker not a pardon at ounce
cut off those wings for once those shall not be
she will learn what breaking a rule will be"

the whole city watched this
as she broke down and cried
a little of mercy she pleaded for
a woeful plight she cried
but none was heard or seen
the city sealed their voice but watched the scene

"let me be free and fly,
let me fill up my flight
let me live my beautiful dream"
she begged them with a scream

but none of them were heard
they sharpened out their sword
with the sharp string
they cut off her beautiful wing

wounded and helpless she lay there alone
her wings broken and the feathers blown
none had mercy over this little flower
her broken wings hung from the tower

shattered and lifeless she was there
with seamless tears and wrapped in fear
with broken dreams
and broken pieces of wings

every night she stood at the height
watched the city that glowed in light
a beautiful city at the seaside
but merciless being here reside


  1. Superb...Got an oppprtunity to read your words after so long I guess and it is brilliant as always...keep the good work..:)

    1. Thank you! :D Wrote it long time back thought :)


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