Happy New Year

With the beginning of new year
I wish you shower of happiness
that you forget what sadness is
I wish you tonnes of smiles
that you forget what tears is
I wish you a circle of colorful friends
that you forget what loneliness is
I wish you sunshine of hope
that you always be optimistic
I wish you blooming success
that failure overlook you
I wish you lots of blessings
that you could bring your dream come true
I wish you enough strength
that you could overcome every pain
I wish you much of luck
that you could reach to zenith
I wish you a good heart
that will love everyone
I wish you much of inspirations
that you could tackle every fear
I stand by you this every time
wishing you Happy New Year


  1. Is there someone ?
    Someone original,someone "you"?

  2. here you is YOU all you readers :D

  3. The thoughts of you remind me
    I never thought of new year
    Few years have passed by, each year
    I've gotten myself through all these years

    It's all those years with you
    made me all in years,

    You are always in my memories
    I wonder if i'm still there in yours
    Nothing has last for years
    Nothing will for years

    For me,
    you are an inspiration through perspiration
    It was hard to get you.
    I didn't tried hard to hold onto you.
    We are to err,

    All these years, we all are to err
    (:D that sings well with Happy New Year)



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