Mobileka katha haru

preparing dinner
"put your mobile aside and concentrate on your's time for you to get married and you don't even know how to take care of kitchen and to cook" mom shouts
"i'm gonna take a maid in dowry or make my husband do the chores hehe" I answer
"yea for sure, he'll be there to do your stuffs ne hai. your mother-in-law will kick you out of the house" mom gets more angry. then i put my mobile aside and do my job.
This is what happens most of the time when I am in kitchen to prepare meals.

having dinner
beep-beep-beep my message tone
"can't you switch off your mobile just for a while till you have dinner" again mom says.
"Jus a minute maa, i'll reply it and then i will". with one hand i text message and with another a spoon of rice into my mouth.

cleaning up the kitchen
hey soul sister- phone rings
"a call again" mom says
"nah just a miss call", i smile and answer.
"everthing looks so planned.your friends know the right time to disturb you. i guess you are plotting all these, to escape from the kitchen jobs."
i give a sheepish smile and continue my work.

the vibration stops
"can't you switch off the phone. and who's this disturbing at midnights. they don't have work to do. jus switch off the phone" i complain to my sis who don't wake at all even if i ring alarm at her ears.

with dad
"hey get me the hammers" dad orders my bhai who's busy with his mobile.
"yes dad" he answers.
after 15 minutes
"get me the hammer boy" dad again orders.
"yes dad I just got it" he answers but does not obey.
after 15 min
"did you get them" dad asks
"oh yea i am getting them" he answers
dad watches him and he's still busy with his mobile
"its better i get them myself. these kids are of no use" dad

T.V. time
everyone of us are in the TV room but only dad n mom are watching. bhai is busy chatting in ebuddy, sister texting her fren and me giving miss calls.
"its better if you marry these kids with their mobile" mom says
"just look at them. they have forgotten everything and just mobile mobile all the time. feel like snatching away their cell phones. don't even listen to what we are saying" dad replies with a lot of agitation.
"jus a second maa i am listening to you" sister replies while her attention is in her cell phone.

in the nepali class
"aaj kaal sab bachaa haru nepali bhanda angrazi man parauchan.nepali bhayera nepali mai fail hunchan. afno bhasa sable birsisake hai" just at the time nepali teacher's phone rings-you spin my head right round right round when you go down when you go down down
"ekaichin hai nani nanu ho, ma aaihalae"


  1. well done shani ;)
    Aba tmro words esaiko thru padhna paine bho.
    Ani tmle describe gareko yo Mobile ko katha ekdam true cha...mero ghar ma ni yestai huncha :))

  2. Just having my tea while I was reading this, never knew which one finished first tea or the article, they both are equally sweet in their own right.


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