Marriage Aggrement

“Where you going?” Mom stopped Neeta as she was about to leave for somewhere. “I have my tutions Mom”, Neeta replied and she simply went.
“What’s going on with this girl? Neither she needs to talk nor listens anything. I am just fed up of her. Tonight I got to talk to her anyway”, Mom determines to have a talk with her.
On her way Neeta’s mind are kept occupied by the things Mom talked to her the day before. They had a serious talk about Neeta’s marriage and she was opposing it.
The day before
“What did you think about the proposal that I had for you?” mom asked Neeta. “Which one mom?” Neeta tries to act innocent.
“Did you see the photo? Do you have anything to ask about it?” mom kept on questioning her.
“Maa I am not thinking about it at all and I don’t want to talk about it too. I have told you earlier I don’t want to get married now”, Neeta’s rejection was strong.
“Who have asked you to get married now? I just want you to meet the boy. You two can be friends and know each other first. Then get married after couple of years or when you want.” Mom tries to soothe her.
“I don’t know. I will think about it”, then Neeta walks away from the room before Mom could ask her anything.
She reached home late that day. Everyone had had dinner. Neeta quietly went up to the kitchen.
“Why are you late?” Mom questioned.
“I had some work with my friends”, she replied.
There was a kind of cold war between Mom and Neeta. Dad never spoke into this matter and Bhai was too young to know about all these.
After dinner Neeta went to her room and Mom followed her.
“Did you think anything about the talk we had last night?” Mom wanted to know if she had made up any decision.
“Not really, there were many things in my mind. And I have already told you yesterday.” Neeta was in no mood to talk. She was really frustrated and was sad too as she feels no one understands her.
“Tell me if you have any boyfriend” mom inquired.
“First you tell me Maa why you want me to get married? Do you want to get rid of me? Am I a burden for you?” Neeta wanted to know.
“Burden???? You think I want to get rid of you? How could you think that? Girls are to go to their husband’s home someday and so should you. That’s why I wanted ….”
“Yes Maa I know that. But are girls some kind of salable commodity that has fixed expiry date? I know you are worried that I may not find a guy when it’s time for me to get married. It’s not that I will not marry but I don’t think I am still ready for it. I know you may tell that at my age you were already married and I don’t deny that. But the time has changed Maa. I f I am capable then I can get any guy.” Neeta tries to explain to Mom.
“Yes I know that Chhori, but still seeing your cousins not getting right groom worries me. What if you too don’t get right person? Now you are getting many proposals but who knows what if you didn’t get any later on?” Mom shows lines of worries.
“I do understand you Mom.  But think about me. I am just 22 and I still have time. I too wish to get married and settle down. But after few years.”
“As if you will get proposals whenever you want, isn’t it? Marriage is very vital thing and there are many things to be considered. If you just see the boy and if you like it at least you guys will get company to hang out together and marriage can be done after few years.”
“Ok mom I do agree on that. But what if I say you to search groom for me after few years? We need to negotiate Maa. I can’t stay like this, arguing every other day and getting upset with each other.” Neeta tries to end up the conversation.
“What negotiation?”
“I will go to meet the boy and if I don’t like him then no other proposals until I turn 26.”
“Is this any agreement?”
“Yes kind of”
“Then should we go to sleep now. Goodnight Mom."


  1. good topic discussed
    how about another title on behalf of marriage aggrement "3-M (me mom n marriage)juss kiddin...gud goun :)

  2. haha nice one...i'll surely think of that

  3. this story of Neeta or Neesha??? ;)

  4. hey d23 it's of neeta..............

  5. Hey D23... it isn't nice to point it out if people are using a secret identity!!!

    I really like the story. I just found your blog and i'm looking forward to reading more.


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