Standing at your doorstep

I’m standing at your doorstep
About to knock the door
But something holds me back
And I turned, to return

It’s just a feeling I got
It’s just a crush I thought
The way you smiled at me
The way you were
The times we talked
The moment when we together walked
I got a feeling each second there
And the feeling made me feel better

Standing at your doorstep
I remember the moment
How the time seemed to vanish
Just at a blink

Standing at your doorstep
I go back to the moment that I left
The unfinished job
The unsaid words
And just an imagination
How life would be like
If together we had been
What if you opened the door
And I walked in

Standing at your doorstep
I want to make a confession
A confession of secret affection
A confession of hidden feelings
A confession of certain magnetism
A confession of everything
But before you open the door
I‘ll be going away

Standing at your doorstep
I feel my eyes wet
For not missing you
But for not loving you
The way you do

The unknocked knock 


  1. u know something??
    M too standing on someone's doorstep..and someone also standing on my wat suggetions ud u gimme??

  2. hey d23 if you are sure yo u can step inside....just give a knock :)and all the best

  3. i wud knock da door but how can i come out of my room since someone is standing on my doorstep???

  4. you got to decide on your own whether you want to step inside the door or want the other to enter into yours

  5. its hard to decide so i felt i sud stay alone in my room...
    ani shani....ur words are alwaz beautiful..feels like u are writing my heart...keep it up dear :)

  6. ur writing really makes me carried away...gud wrk..kip it up

  7. you gotta read this one

  8. m read
    You are standin on his door step and hes ready to open the door...Even before you knock"


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