A day with her

Then she gently rested her chin on my shoulder. I could feel her touch deep into my heart and my heart beating faster. The evening breeze was lovelier than ever before, and with her sitting right behind me in my bike; I felt I was riding to an endless journey. The crescent moon hiding behind the blurry faint clouds made it shine with much glow. Through the busiest and narrow streets of Kathmandu, I was riding and wishing the lane would never end. Her soft hands were tenderly holding sides of my windcheater as a child clinging onto someone for protection. Slowly the twilight rose to its high and the horizon appeared too near for me.

It was an ordinary evening as always, and the traffic of the busy capital heavy as usual, but her presence made everything light. I stole time to have a quick look at her in the bike mirror every time I could. Her beautiful flowing hair was soaring high in the air tapping with the rhythm of her chiffon scarf that she had tied around her neck. I wished I could keep on looking at those beautiful eyes of her which looks more beautiful when she applies a thin line of kohl in them which she rarely does.

It was the most beautiful day as she was with me. The ride was smooth even in the bumps and puddles the streets of Kathmandu have. In fact those bumps slipped her nearer to me. As the evening became colder I felt her warm hands wrapped around me. Now that was second real shocking surprise that I got today (the first one was, obviously her asking me if I could drop her home tonight). Maybe she was feeling cold or maybe she wanted to hug me. Whatever be the reasons, I could feel her warm affection. But this could not last for longer as we soon reached her home. I stopped my bike, she got off. But before I could ask or tell her anything, she kissed my cheeks, gave a bright smiled and quietly left leaving me startled.

That was the day I shall never ever forget. I never saw her after that. She left quietly. No one knew where she went or why she left. I always had feelings for her. We worked together for three years but all those years I never had enough guts to tell her how much I adored her, how much I loved her.

Words remained unsaid in my heart
and we parted too far
May be we were destined to be together
but my silence broke that all

Words remained unsaid in my heart
and we parted too far


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