Wandering around Thamel last the Friday evening, I and a friend of mine thought to stop for a cup of coffee and some pastries (I always have one sometimes two with coffee :D). We usually went to a bakery to the left at the entrance of the Mandala Street but we thought to taste at a new place this time. That evening Thamel was crowded (as usual) but the football match going between Nepal and Afghanistan made the crowd even bigger as people gathered in small groups outside various cafes to watch the match (people were desperately waiting for that game). But we were looking for a quieter space so went into this place (I forgot the name) and ordered two CafĂ© Latte. I asked if they had pastries, but unfortunately they didn’t (which was really bad news for me). Then they suggested us to have waffles. “Waffles?” I was confused, as I had never heard. Since they have offered it instead of pastry, I assumed it to be more or less like it. So we ordered for a waffle topped with vanilla ice-cream. I was excited to have hot coffee and cold ice-cream together (though my friend didn’t like the idea).

Waiting, waiting and waiting, the coffee was here (a beautiful heart shape in my cup :D ) but not the waffles.We talked and had coffee. The coffee mugs were about to be emptied when the waffles arrived. “This looks soooo…yummy”, I uttered. The circle shaped so-called waffle, looked more like a big wafer, topped with ice-cream at two ends and beautifully decorated with luscious chocolate. I never had such thing before so abruptly grabbed the fork and knife that was placed beside the plate. But at a second thought I asked my friend, “What’s the use of knife to have a wafer”. He too had no idea about the dish nor the knife and fork. Ok then, since they have brought it, it should have some use I thought and picked up the tools to devour on. I held one end of the waffle with anticipation for it to be crispy, but it wasn’t. The fork easily penetrated into the so-thought to be wafers. I was in dismay but nevertheless it wasn’t that disappointing either. It was more like cake with no taste except the taste added by the chocolate and ice-cream toppings. Just a mouthful of the waffle was more than enough for my friend and I was responsible to finish the remaining. I enjoyed it till few bites after which I too was contented. We could not have more so we packed the remaining and took it home.

It wasn’t the first time that I packed the food to hone that I could not finish. It mostly happened when I tried on a new dish. Trying on new things is not always fun and it isn’t that risky either. But with me everytime I try on new things, I end up leaving the things incomplete. Partly may be I can’t cope with changes so soon or maybe I am happy with the way things are going on with me. New things can looks as luscious as the waffles looked, but it is not necessary that it needs to turn out to be wafers (as I had thought it would be). Nevertheless, I will keep on trying for the new things always and I hope someday I would be able to finish the whole platter on my own. :)


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