I witnessed a murder

An early morning
I woke up and opened my window
for gush of fresh air
some whisper I accidentally hear
they were plotting something,
something bad to happen
then they walk towards her
she was still with fear
I saw with an object sharp
they ripped her apart
I hear no cry
but a lifeless her lying by
I could not forget the horror
as I witnessed a murder

Another day
I was walking past a site
ugly sounds I hear
I covered my both ears
as the noises I couldn’t bear
I walked towards the sound
saw horrible gears running around
rolling over her again and again
I see she was in pain
but she laid there quiet
I was really terrified
I could not forget the horror
as I witnessed a murder

This is what I see each day
every day murder and horrible says
she is quite for whatever done to her
she quietly bears all
she knows the consequence
and so do all
she is hurt and may be angry too
but she is waiting for me and you
to realize, to decide
else she will bring a disaster
that will engulf all of us.

Then no one will forget the horror
As we all are the part of murder
Of mother nature


  1. The progress of the plot was quite interesting .
    And for mother nature , we all are culprits.


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