My concern-better say our concern

With the rise in the level of mercury, the demand for water too is rising and at the same time the problem of water supply has been the topic of everyone’s discussion wherever they meet. And though the problem of water shortage persists every year, the problem is at an all time high around this time of the year (May-June).

Talking about my place, there is a very irregular supply of water. In fact, there is no water supply at all and we have to manage with few buckets of water borrowed from the neighborhood or by buying a tanker of water. But my concern is not the problem of having to fetch water from a distance or having to buy it, but my concern is, if the capital city faces such problem then what is the condition outside? Every year all the citizens have to face the same problem but the concerned authorities do not seem to pay any attention, and even if they do, they appear to be busy making plans and proposals rather than applying some practical solutions. The problem of water supply has been going on since I can remember. It has been more than two decades but I don’t see anything being done to solve it.

Shortage of water supply is a problem, but even the areas that get regular water supply still aren’t happy with the kind of water that gets supplied. Can you believe that the water supplied at houses which we consume as drinking water is worse and stinks like the drainage? But that’s the reality here. The first 10-20 liters that flows in is always filthy and gives foul smell, and all we are left with after this is just few liters of clear water which we have to save for drinking, let alone for bathing, cleaning and other purposes. So can the concerned authority please explain its cause and work towards the solution?

The above two problems of water supply is causing another great problem especially for the Kathmanduites. The activity at present may look like a solution for the shortage of water supply but they aren’t realizing the drastic and fatal effect it can bring. These days digging out underground water has become an easy solution in the valley. Today every other house has a well dug for the purpose of extracting the underground water. This has solved the problem to some extent in households but people aren’t realizing the consequences of this action. Digging out the underground water and the fossil water is emptying the water level deep below the soil. If this process goes on at the same rate then one day the whole city will collapse and that day is not too far away. I believe that digging out of underground water was supposed to be illegal and proper inspection on the same matter should have been done. But none of the concerned authorities have shown any concern towards it. Around my area itself I have seen growing number of tube wells being constructed every year and last year alone more than a dozen of houses had a well dug in their area.

These are only a gist of the problems. But where are the solutions? Supply of drinking water is the basic need of everyone. With the rise in temperature and change in global climate, if no precautions are taken then very soon Kathmandu will turn into a desert and we have already started seeing the signs as well. It’s high time that we start thinking about the place we live in. If we don’t start now, then it will be our children who will suffer. If not for us then at least for the future generation, make this place a better place.


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