My grave

A pitch dark midnight
not a single sound I hear
Everything around seem so deserted
everything looks so dead
I concentrate hard to hear
I shut my eyes in fear
No sound, no light
I feel I’ve gone deaf and blind

Suddenly I hear some howls
Dogs crying and sound of owls
I feel a tight grip around my leg
As if someone is trying to pull me from my bed
I held my blanket tight
Then search around for a light
I feel a sudden pull
As if someone’s going to hit me
with a tool

I shout loud
And I yell
The fear I feel
I wanted to tell
I then realize
My voice is lost
No matter how much I try
It’s not heard

A sharp pinch on my neck
And then a quick shake
I moved my hands around
I sat to feel the ground
Oh! I was not in my bed
What I felt wasn’t my room’s carpet
Dried leaves and wet ground
Muddy smell all around
I was laid straight
Cold mud over me I felt
Covering my feet and reach my waist
A nasty smell now I felt
Someone had dug my grave
I tried to move
Tried to free myself
All was in vain
Failure was all I gained
I was scared
Trembling with cold and fear
I felt so helpless
And laid there lifeless
Eyes closed and prayers in my heart
the end of my life has start

my body is now buried
i know that i was in graveyard
an end of the story i sensed
suddenly I was awakened
Oh! I had a nightmare
but everthing i felt
was so real
someone had dug my grave
I was in my grave


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