Big plastic bag girl

A big plastic bag filled with empty carton boxes. She was dragging the bag and also looking around if she would get some more boxes so that her bag would be full. She must be around five or six years old, same as my niece. And her plastic bag was twice her size. I was walking around New Road for some festival shopping when suddenly my eyes fell on her. She was wearing a worn out frock and had tied two ponytails. She was dragging the bag and also fooling around with her other mates. But I don’t know why I noticed her in particular. It's maybe because I have seen her quite few times earlier too, around the same place.

She was a beautiful child with big bright eyes and an innocent smile. Almost every evening I used to take a stroll and never missed seeing her. Dragging her big plastic bag and laughing in her typical giggling tone, she used to be there at around the same time. It’s now been months that I have been seeing her almost every day, but never dared to talk to her and get to know her story. I don’t know why, I never did that. But inside my heart I saw her as an adorable child. I remember once when I was watching her walk by, she accidently looked at me. As her soft eyes saw me looking at her, she glared and made a quick move. That was strange for me as I didn’t mean any harm to her. Maybe she was not comfortable with my looks or maybe she had something bothering her. I had no idea.

It has been a few days I haven’t seen her. May be she has moved to another place I thought. But I had no clue. Her absence made me a little concerned. I doubted if she really had moved to another place or was there something wrong with her. I felt really helpless. I regretted not talking to her and getting to know her. Maybe I could have helped her. Now all I can do is pray for her. Wherever she is I hope she is good.


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