the tipsy poem

up and down I see things now
i have seen earlier but its different now
hold me tight, so I don't fall
wait ! u too standing upside down

u smile and make me drunk
ur smile intoxicate than any drug
u talk silly, u act one
n u say i am drunk!
u are so confused or crazy?
oh oh I see u too are drunk

i am drunk U knw tht
but u are laughing as if u are
u smile and i go tipsy
oh god is this a reverse action?

seems the night is drunk
for I am writing like a big trunk
the lines seems not to end
woahhh!! more lines are to come

should i add up to the lines?
or the drunken poem is to end?
wait! u got to listen to it tonight
the broken wheels still need to mend

u added to my bottle
and you say you are fresh;
come on this is not done
the night is still long

lets talk abt me and u,
lets share present and future too
the car is broken and the streets are lone
my poem is on and the bottle is full on

hey, thanks for the dinner date
but wait, where's the dinner yet?
you made me just drink,
now lets dine at the brink

it was a wonderful tonight
just a kiss and then goodnight
if it was a dream
then i shall not wake again

tipsy I go to bed now
with memories of the moments
the drive, the dine
the drunken poet off to sleep now


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