The last letter

She tried to hold the heaviness in her
with every word that she read,
But before the stanzas end
she could feel her eyes wet,
It was short, it was sweet
had all the memories bitter and sweet,
the glory of love they lived
but was the last letter she'll ever receive

She is so lucky that she knows
for she was adored by him so
cannot deny the truth he said
neither can kill the affection she gave
for every word he wrote with love
made her fly like a free dove

Every word that he inscribed
Every phrase that she read
Whispered of the happy yesterday
But a sad today

Words by words she read the letter
it wrote "I broke up for your better"
"Emotionless I may seem"
"But what we shared is now just a dream"
 She knew how much they loved each other
but still they could not be together

They endured an ecstasy yesterday
but a sorrowful today
knowing that they have ended what they had
they both are still helplessly in love
though it would just be a pain to add

She held the letter close to her chest
the last letter she'll ever get
closed her eyes as the tears dropped
for a moment the time stopped
"we have set our ways separate"
"But I'll love you till the end"


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