I'm sorry that I couldn't be with you
I'm sorry for all the rudeness I've been with you
My promises aren't fake
and all the words that I gave
But there's something wrong
I find myself bound by chains
trying hard to break
and fly away to your lane

I'm sorry for all the lie I've spoken to you
I'm sorry for all the secrets I hid from you
You've always been my strength
and brought best in me
But I apologize for not being by your side
whenever you need me

I know I ought to be punished
I feel guilty
I have broken a beautiful heart
with which I cannot part
I am culprit of myself
I apologize for everything
Now I've nothing to say
then I'm sorry for all the heartaches I gave


  1. Just a simple Goodbye could had been a remedy, to stop the aching heart
    togetherness wasn't meant to be written, the written fate was to be apart!


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