Let this love survive

A time of confusion, a moment of confession
Away from the rush of rest
defending all those questions raised 
we paved our way to the crest

Painted perfect picture in our hearts
were unaware for someday we will part
amongst the thorns we planted the rose
smiled together and cried our woes
Even compassion looks down upon us
for vulnerability was our status

Now they turn blind to what we see
are deaf to our heartbeats
do not believe our plead 
for they have stopped to dream!
Created a line for us not to cross
making us stand across
Our love was hurt, but it was alive
they tried to kill, but it survived

With the dying strength and faith
we raised to have a say
"Oh! Please let this love be,
put on wings and set us free"
" Oh! Please let this love survive,
into the ocean of love let us dive"


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