Heavenly Blessing

The velvety rays of sun 
slowly fell upon me

When I was lying awake
from a dreadful dream
I was nervous and was low
when the warm rays quietly showed
The warm rays glowed into my room
all my fears fled away soon
The rays gave me hope and faith
inspired to initiate from where I left
I knew it won’t stay forever
because it did not belong here
I was always in fear
and prayed to make it stay here

By the warmth of the rays
I learned to live my life in new ways
The affection it showed
made my heart leap high above
Though the sun was at zenith
its rays reached to the depth
Into the inner core of my heart
making me able to stand even in hard path
We shared a bond of love and trust
and an affinity that never rust

But slowly the day turned into gloomy twilight
I had to say goodbye
They could no more be with me
and had to go where I can’t see
But its love and friendship
will be my strength in hardship
In the long dark nights
I no more will be scared
Because the power of friendship is
heavenly blessed


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