The string of love

I always think of you
For you are the reasons for my sun shine
We are not together in yesterdays, todays or tomorrows
 But in my dreams you are always mine!

As no matter the world tries
Least they can interfere our dream lives
Our heart shall forever be bound in a single string
Of love and single being

You never let this string break!
For that’s our hearts do make
It will never go fragile as we live
We shall brace it with the love we give

The string is tied tight with us at its end,
When one looses the grip the other shall mend

I hope we both will keep our words
To let the string attach to our heart,
The memories of togetherness will always linger
Even we are apart!

The string is attached to our heart
That will break with the last heartbeat,
No matter where we two shall end,
In dreams we shall always meet

I am not perfect, neither are you
This unnamed relationship which we have
 Is so pure and true;
We shared the same boat of love
Which we sailed in the ocean of happiness,
Being aware of the situation tomorrow
We loved each other nevertheless

(A song from hearts of two, this one is a combined creation of the conversation they had)


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