Chocolate Incident I

Every one of us must have craved for chocolates during our childhood and even today, and I was one of them. Among my siblings I was the one with the most desires for chocolates and I have some interesting mischievous chocolate incidents during childhoods. Though I was a good child and not that mischievous, once I did a mischief behavior. Even today when I share that incident it becomes a reason for good laugh at home.

I was only six then when once an aunt of mine gifted us chocolates. As every other mother, my mom too gave us one piece each and kept the remaining in the top of a shelf so that none of us could reach to. As I have already announced myself to be mischievous for chocolates, it’s for sure I am going to mess up something. When everybody in the house was busy with their dailies, I quietly went and locked the room after me. The shelf was beside the windows which faced the corridor and a sofa was placed just below. I climbed up the sofa, and reached to the chocolates. But suddenly I slipped and ended up hanging in the shelf. Though there was merely a feet’s distance between my legs and ground, the distance seemed to be a million kilometers then. I was helpless. I could neither shout for help nor jump off, as I was too scared. But I had to ask for help. So I shouted from inside the locked room. As the window was just next to the shelf, I knocked the glass of the window pane with one hand while managed to hold myself hanging with another. Within no time, all my family members gathered outside the room while I helplessly watched them from the window. Then I heard my mom saying, “Leave your hands sweetie, you’ll be fine. Don’t worry. Trust me darling, you’ll be safe, jus leave your hands and jump off.” But at that time, hardly a foot’s distance was much scary for me than when I stood 156 km above the Bhote Koshi River for a freefall jump. But I had to take some risk, so I released my hands and I fell. When I felt that I was safe, I was ashamed. I opened the door and my mom hugged me while dad was very angry with my stupid behavior.

After that, no more of such monkey business.


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