I hear him shout again…….I don’t know what’s his problem but this furious person with horns all time, so called my boss shouts for no reason. Poor Bishesh, he gets all the scorns for no any reason.

“Why did the boss shout at you today?” I asked Bishesh during the lunch time.
“He must be the maddest person in the world whom the world sees as a boss. I just hate him. I just came office and he started to shout as if the sky is to fall. I myself don’t know the reason behind” Bishesh answered.

I can see the rage and the resentment in him but he tries to hide it. He always wanted to quit the job but for what reasons he always steps back. He is a good person. I can say that for I have worked for nearly 3 years with him by now. We both joined the office as trainee at the same time. Both of us have worked very hard during those times. But I must say luck favored me and now I am his senior. Still we are good friends. We usually have our lunch together but today his is not in good mood.

“Hey Rizu, how’s your work going? Have you prepared the draft, the monster gave you to prepare?” Bishesh said trying to lighten up the mood.
“Oh Monster, the HOD, Head Of Department. The boss is a devil and he is a monster, MONSTER…and DEVIL…huhaaaaaaaa”
I too laughed with him imagining the HOD and boss with horns and tails.

I love to be with Bishesh, no matter what happens he is always in a jolly mood. He is fun to be around kind of person. It has not been a long time we met but we are the best friends and he is the best friend I can ever have.

During those days as trainee, Bishesh and I were the most talkative staff in the office. It was fun to know strangers. Since we had many things similar we had long talks. In lunch hour, during short breaks at work and while returning home, we had endless talk. I have never talked to any boy this much before. But with Bishesh it happens naturally and he too was very interesting. We had common likes and dislikes and it was always interesting to talk about it.

Days went by. I remember one day he came up to me at office with a bunch of flowers and asked for dinner together. I was taken aback by this. I was confused but I accepted. Many things started spinning in my mind.

“Why did he give me these flowers? Why he asked me for dinner? Does he like me? Is he going to propose me? Oh, god NO way….no no not any propose or other….he has a girlfriend, doesn’t he? He had said once….has he??? I don’t remember…..Or does he really like me that way? Oh com’on he is your very good friend. What if he has any feelings for you, you do not feel such for him, do you? No….you don’t or you do? Awww…..I don’t know…actually I don’t have” I kept talking to myself.

That day after the office, I went for dinner with him. He took me to a quiet restaurant with light music. The atmosphere was romantic. I wished I was really in love then this would be a perfect romantic dinner, but I was not. He chose a table at the end of the bar. As soon as we seated I asked him the reason for today’s special dinner.

“You don’t know why I asked you for dinner?” Bishesh smiled looking at my startled face. “It’s the 1st anniversary of our first meeting. Its 28th may dear and the first time we met and I wanted to make the day special for you are a very special friend of mine. I never thought I can be so close to any person and you have always been so good with me. I just wanted to celebrate our friendship.”
Oh, my God he has even marked our first meeting. How sweet…..Bishesh is really an adorable person. This was a speechless moment and memorable one. The evening was lovely.

Bishesh always treated me special. Definitely, I was his best friend but the rumor had it different. Rumors need no reason. Everybody in the workplace assumed us having affair.

“What rubbish….people just need to make things around. They don’t have anything else to do and just peek into others personal lives. I do not need to give any justification nor put forward any explanation. We know what we are. And by the way if we are really having affair it’s none of your business….” I do not know what I had in mind but I just shouted at Hridesh. Hridesh was my colleague. We worked in same department.

“It’s ok Rizu, I just asked because everyone was talking about it. By the way you two pair up as a good couple.”
I walked away from the scene as if I haven’t heard anything. I thought to talk about this to Bishesh but I just let it go. But what Hridesh said just strok me, ‘good couple’. I was about to think this but again my mind ignored it.

As I lay in my bed that night, I thought about it. “‘Good couple’, do we really look good together? Aww…nope just rubbish.”
Bishesh came to my desk and asked me to come out for few minutes. We went to the terrace of our office.

“What’s up Bishesh? Last time the dinner and today terrace,….mmmm there’s nothing special about today. Why are you so serious? Is everything…” before I could end my sentence Bishesh griped my hand and pulled me near him. I was scared. What is with this man today? His strong arms held me tight and close. So close that I can even feel his warm breath on my face. I was panting with a little fear and a little nervousness.

“Rizu what do you think about the rumor in the office? Is it true?”
“Oh..No Bishesh you and I know what’s between us. The rumor is just a piece of shit. Don’t bother yourself.”
“Do you really think it really is just a gossip?”
“Ahh…yes it is, isn’t it?”
“What if the gossip turns real? What if, we really are a couple? What if I propose you now and say I love you….?”
“WHAT……?” he suddenly released me with strength and I woke up.

Oh gosh it was a dream. I was still panting. I realized I really felt his embrace and his breath over my face. Everything seemed so real.

I couldn’t face Bishesh that day. I don’t know why but every time I saw him I remembered the dream. The dream was so real.
I watched Bishesh as he was working. He was working hard to get the things done right at time so that the boss doesn’t get mad at him. My heart was beating faster. There was a strange feeling as I was watching him. He was a special friend. But the dream was doing its magic. It felt as if I was really in love with him.

“Was it just a dream or something that was in me which I never noticed?” I asked myself.
“Do you believe in dreams Hridesh?” I was still thinking about the dream so all of a sudden I asked.
“Believe or what I can’t say. But I think dreams portray something hidden within us that we don’t notice or something that is likely to happen. But today why are you talking about dreams? Did you dream something unusual?” Hridesh was curious.
“Yea I dreamed that Bi….ah nothing like that jus a Black cat.” I didn’t want to tell anyone about it.

The dream changed me. Just a dream changed me. I don’t know why and how I liked Bishesh more than before. Everything he did was so special for me though it be just a Good morning wish or dropping me home. I waited long just to have a glimpse of him. I was too nervous to talk with so unwilling ignored his offer to have lunch together. I was scared that I would reveal my feelings unknowingly. I really wanted to know how he felt for me. We are good friends, but what if we took a step ahead? We can have a happy life together. Should I say or not? Should I wait little more?

It has already been more than a couple of months I hadn’t have a good conversation with him. Today seeing him so distressed by the boss’s act, which he normally took lightly, I thought to talk to him.

The talk of Monster and Devil continued. He looked little fresh now.
“Why have you been ignoring me so much these days? I missed you.” Bishesh said and I can see it in his face.

Did you really miss me? What kind of missing was that? Do you also feel the same as I do? Do you also have the similar feelings? Did you see me everywhere when you missed me as I did when I missed you? I wish I could tell you how much I missed you. I wish I could hold you near and let you hear my heart beat. Its every beat is for you. I am totally going crazy for you. I wish I could tell you how I am feeling for you.
“Ah…it was just I didn’t want the monster to get to his worse so worked during the lunch hour too. Sorry for that. By the way I have a surprise for you next week.”
“Really you do?” Bishesh was curious and excited. “I too have a big surprise for you. But it will be only when I get your surprise.”

“Ok so next week huh….surprise for a surprise”….then we went back to work.
I told him about the surprise but I myself was not sure what should I do. I was determined to open my heart, but would not that be awkward for a girl to take the step. But who cares, feelings are just feelings… Now no matter what happens I am determined to say those words. The words, which seem so simple but have a great weight…carries a heavy feeling and make up a life. I was dying to say “I Love you…I want to spend the rest of my life with you…I want to have a family with you. You and me, and a happy ending story.”

The sky is so beautiful. The stars are deeply in love with the sky so they don’t leave the sky. The moon too has added to the beauty tonight. I was dreaming of me and Bishseh. Away from the madding crowd of the city, together to a place called wonderland, hand in hand, so close even to hear each other’s heart beat.
Morning was fresh and I felt even fresher. Today is the day for surprise. Its 28th may and I am going to say him. Yes this friendship day of ours I will turn into a special one for us. I think he too have planned for us like the first year. The second year of our friendship we rocked the dance floor at a disco. That too was the best time.

Ah not knowing how to say the feeling I thought the easiest and convenient way would be to write. I don’t know how it was but I have written my heart and today I am going to gift it to him. I am really excited and nervous. I know he too must have some feeling for me. May be he hasn’t realized it.

I texted Bishesh and informed him to come to the same restaurant where he took me on that day. Today will be the most special day. I will turn this day into the most memorable one for both of us. I hurriedly got ready and reached the restaurant before him. As he did, I too got a bouquet for him.

He is here. As I watched him walking towards me my heart started to beat much faster. I have never before in my life felt so nervous.
“Hey you came so soon. Ah couldn’t wait for the surprise huh?” Bishesh was teasing me.
I blushed. “So what’s the surprise?” Bishesh asked.
“Where’s my surprise?” I questioned.
“It will be here soon. It’s there.”
“Rizu meet Shreeza”
“Hi Shreeza”
“Guess….she’s my fiancé and we are getting married the next month.”

I didn’t know how to react. I suddenly felt an ache inside me, a cry inside my heart. My eyes were full of tears. I was trying hard not to let them fall.
“Now that’s the reaction I wanted to see. Wasn’t it a real surprise? Come on tell me how is she? Isn’t she pretty? I wanted to tell you this before but you were quiet busy with your stuff so thought to give you a surprise today. Now don’t be angry and tell me what you think about us?”

“If you have already decided then why you asking for my advice?” it was rude I know but my heart is broken and my feelings are hurt.
“It’s rude. I know I should have told you earlier. Anyway where’s my surprise?”
Surprise, his surprise was the letter that I wrote for him but that has no value now. “Ah…I forgot to bring…I think I left it on the table at home in rush. Anyway, I have to leave now. Got some important stuffs to do. You guys enjoy the eve.” I stood to leave.

“Hey Rizu, at least take this invitation card. I specially got it printed for you. Make sure you attend all the functions.”
“Yea sure. I will.” I could no longer stand there. I was there standing at the bus stop.

This was reality. He did not belong to me. I was not crying but unknowingly tears were rolling down. I cannot help myself. Why in the world this was to happen to me? There were hundreds of questions raised but I had no answer. The only thing I had was a broken heart.

The envelop was still in my hand. I seated myself in the cold bench of the bus stop. With a heavy heart and watery eyes I unwillingly opened the envelop. There was no any invitation card but a letter.

I opened it and saw the letter had my name.
I started reasing….

Dear Rizu,
It has been 3 years since we met. You really are a wonderful person and to be true you are my first friend with whom I have been able to be so true. Whenever I am with you I don’t need to pretend. I am in my true self. With you around I feel I have the best time of my life. The time we have lunch together and every moment we have spent together, I cherish all of them. They are the reassures of my life.

Now if I start to say how beautiful I find you, you may think I am just trying to flatter you. Nevertheless, the truth is you are really a beautiful person. The way you have been with me and the way you have handled me I really appreciate that. I always saw a best friend in you and I think you also see me only as a friend. However, today I want to confess something.

I have started to dream you more than just as a friend. The feelings that I had for you has now changed. I cared for you but now I care for you more than before. Since when? I too do not know but I had a strange feeling for you. I wished I could say what was in my heart. I waited long just to have a glimpse of you. I was too nervous to talk so did not talk with you. I was scared that I would reveal my feelings unknowingly. I really wanted to know how you felt for me. We are good friends but what if we took a step ahead. We can have a happy life together. Should I say or not? Should I wait little more? These things occupied my mind. Now I thought I should put myself forward and say my feelings regardless of your reaction. Still I was scared that you will reject my proposal and I cannot bear that. I cannot imagine you away from me.

Saying those three words is very hard for me. I tried many times but I failed. So I thought to write you. Now no matter what you will say I have to confess my love. Yes I am in love, truly and madly in love with my friend, with you. I have built a beautiful dream with you in my life. You and me, and a happy ending story. You may think how stupid I am to write letter, but I have no other choice.
I want to spent rest of my life with you. Will you be there to share my dreams and my life? I will be waiting for you.
Waiting for you

I had no words to explain how I felt that moment after reading the letter. Thinking nothing I rushed back to the restaurant. I saw him there. He was sitting alone. The music and the warmth of the place were romantic as it was the first time we were there. The only difference was, that time we were celebrating friendship anniversary and today it’s a special moment.

“Bishesh” my voice was very low.
“Rizu I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have written all those. I know I am stupid and the prank I played is the ugliest one. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to break your heart. I know you don’t feel same for me. It’s ok. But we can still be friends, can’t we? I don’t want to lose you. I need you.” He said all these at once. I could see the nervousness, the love in his eyes and his eagerness to know my answer.

Now before he said anything more I hugged him. This was not a dream, its reality. I could feel his heart beat against mine. I felt his warmly embrace.
“I love you too”, I said, “This is the best surprise of my life”.

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