Miss Newa

So that was the end of my reign as Miss Newa 2nd runner up (31st December 2011). Last year on the same day I was announced Miss Newa 2010, 2nd runner up. Handing over the crown to the new winner, I sort of felt proud as well as nervous. I was proud because I was standing there to see another outstanding girl from Newar community and passing the glorious crown to new one and I was nervous because I was standing in front of the mass who had and still has anticipations from me being the Miss Newa.

The year long journey as Miss Newa was filled with fun as well as responsibility. May be others see it as just another beauty pageant, but it was and is more than just that. Had it really been a beauty pageant then maybe I could not have made it even through the auditions, forget about winning. But I was overwhelmed by this event, how the organizers were really serious about newari culture and traditions.

The one month session was filled with fun as well as serious lessons. I always felt that I know about my culture and traditions, but it was there I learnt the vastness and the deepness that our culture carries. The month long training made me even more curious about the culture and traditions. I realized how much each and every festivals mean to us. Though they say “Newar bigryo bhojle”, I now believe that it’s the Bhoj, which has made our culture rich.

I know I haven’t been able to make any significant changes during the year but I believe that the end of my title is the start of my journey towards being more responsible towards my culture. Maybe I won’t be able to bring drastic change in introducing my culture, but I will never leave my attempt towards its preservation.


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