The Paan Story

Every once in a while when he visits my office, my entire office smells horrible. This short and fat middle aged man (so called a client of mine) of around 40-45 with short hair, dark complexion and a bulging belly walks into my office cabin whenever he has complains to make against me. I know he never praises my hard work however never fails to complain if I miss something. I know it is frustrating but after all business is what it counts at work. This fat short man’s complain is not what irritates me, but it’s the smell of पान that he carries with him that lingers around for a long time even after he leaves marking his trail. Every time he leaves I go around my cabin with a room freshener (a li’l of exaggeration)

I had to find a way or other to stop this disgusting behavior as it was unbearable to hear him speak with his mouth full of पान (half understood and half lost with his chewing) and the odor that mixes in the air that I breathe in. I know that this man realizes my disgust but I feel that he does that in particular to irritate me (maybe he is satisfied showing such unpleasant behavior). Complaining about his ill-mannered behavior is not going to work so I had to think of some way out.

One day when this short fat man walked into my office, I instantly smiled at him. He was shocked for a while with this behavior of mine but was on cloud nine. As he came in, I handed him a gift that I had specially brought for him. He was delighted to see the fancy wrapper of the gift, thanked me (I still hated to foul smell thank) and walked away. I hoped that he would like my gift and will understand its essence. Surprisingly he wasn’t chewing पान the last time he entered the office (seems he was enlightened seeing the gift? :D).

So what was the gift? It was a package of incense sticks, a bottle of perfume, a room freshener and a mouth freshener. :D
I guess it worked. ;)


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