Chocolate Incident II

Continuing with the chocolate incidents, there is another one which is way too funny.

When I was around 7 years old (I vaguely remember), we had a big green colored kitchen rack. That was like a store room of the house and I had seen mom keeping stuffs there. Once I sneaked into the kitchen with an intension to peek into the rack. I don’t remember where other families were at that time. The room was dark. I crawled to the rack at a snail’s pace being conscious not to make any sound. I slowly opened the rack and ran my eyes thoroughly at all the corners just in hope to find the chocolate jar. As I was scanning through, I spotted the jar. My happiness seemed no bound then (I still be happy to find a chocolate jar :D). I forwarded my hand to reach the jar when suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Oh Gosh, I am dead now” I thought but didn’t turn around. I felt a heavy pat now and a shrug. I opened my eyes and turned back. “Oh! Mom” I uttered. “Wake up, you need to be prepared for school honey, don’t be late.”

Ok, so that was a dream then. The chocolate craze followed me even my dream. 


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