Broken thread

Unbreakable is the thread I though
when I held tight you didn't loosen up
you stood where you were
and the thread easily broke
In the vast sky we flew together
With promise to be there for each other
But the wind blew so strong
We couldn’t keep holding on
You didn’t bother to find what went wrong
And we both went lost
We were those of best pals
Who were different from other all
Was there for each other every second
Now it seems we went ahead of time
When the days grew dark and life darker
In you I found best space to hide
But today you stand too far
I don’t even feel you by my side
I feel hurt deep inside
‘cause you were the one I needed my beside
The thread I thought to be strong
Is now worn and torn
Everything is broken and lost
You are no more the one I thought
the affection that you n me share
faded like painting in the rain


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